Remotely Operated Vehicle

(ROV) Services

Welcome to Divers UK (International) Ltd ROV services.

We are a leading professional ROV and commercial diving contractor.    Providing ROV's to subsea and underwater marine operations where the use of commercial divers is considered unsafe or uneconomical.

Divers UK (International) Ltd supply both ROV's and commercial divers to the inshore and offshore sectors across the UK and worldwide.

Many inshore and offshore industries now choose to use ROV's over conventional commercial diving operations and services.

Today's ROV's are smaller and pack more equipment, manipulators, tools, sonar, etc..

We can provide clients with both ROV's and commercial dive teams simultaneously. This can be useful for underwater operations where a diver is needed to guide an ROV into a difficult space etc.

We can also supply ROV pilots, technicians as your project requires.

ROV's can be utilised for the following:

Ships Hulls

Search and Rescue

Offshore Platforms

Wind farms and Pipelines

Inspections and Surveys

Holding Tanks