Civil Engineering, Marine Construction

and Demolition Services

Welcome to Divers UK (International) Ltd professional marine and civil engineering contractors.

Divers UK (International) Ltd are a specialist commercial diving, marine construction and demolition contractor based in the UK.

We provide a one stop solution for any civil or marine engineering construction or demolition project.

Our marine engineering department can assist with any marine project no matter how large or small.  We will undertake all aspects of any marine project from design and implementation through to completion - meaning that the client only has to deal with one contractor.


Scour Protection Services

Divers UK (International) Ltd can provide detailed surveys and inspections of any inshore or offshore site or structure where scour is suspected. If a scour problem is identified we can suggest and implement several products to protect the structure and surrounding areas.


Some of our environmental solutions to scour damage are:


Link-Lock Mattresses

Grout Mattress - Fabriform etc.

Rock Armour

Concrete Bags

Flexible Form work

Grout Bags

Permanent and Temporary Shuttering

concrete bag workgabion basketgrout mattress

We use the latest proven technologies and our highly experienced team of professional marine and subsea engineers will deliver any project safely, on time and within budget.


Some of Divers UK (International) Ltd Engineering and Construction Services include:

Quay Wall Wharf Demolition and Construction

Bridge Construction and Demolition

Bridge and Culvert Surveys and Inspections

Dam and Bridge Pier Construction

Caisson Installations and Repair

Concrete Core Drilling and Diamond Cutting Services

Pontoon and Bridge Installations and Maintenance

Building and Maintaining Quay Walls

Pipeline Surveys and Video Images

Mooring Maintenance

NDT Inspections and Consultancy

Offshore Platform and Oil Rig Decommissioning

Sewage Outfall Repairs, Inspections and installations

Intake Clearing and Cleaning

Culverts and Bridges Jetting

Dock and Jetty Moorings and Rubbing Timber Replacement

Berth and Pontoon Maintenance

Culvert and Bridge Inspections

Land Reclamation Works

Dredging and Piling Works

Scour Prevention / Protection and Repair

Marina Construction and Maintenance

Industrial Plant Inspections and CCTV surveys

River Maintenance and Sea Defences

Coastal Surveys

Cooling Water Intakes

Power Station Services

Power Station Decommissioning

Water Tank and Chemical Tank Inspections and Repairs